Chuchu Manthu’s Jar of Toffees

Story by Adithi Rao Illustrated by Krishna Bala Shenoi

about the book

Chuchu Manthu is the most loving person in Preet’s world. After his death, Preet wonders if his kindness has disappeared with him. Based on a true story, the book is about loss and grief, and compassion in everyday actions.

5 things you didn’t know about Adithi…

Mr. Puchuchu at the front gate waiting for his breakfast.
  • Adithi is the real Preet in this story.
  • She buries chocolates in the backyard and secretly digs them up at night… Shh!
  • She’s terrified of g…ghosts!
  • She always flunked math in school. Really.
  • Her best friend is a dignified old street dog named Mr. Puchchu.

5 things you would rather not know about Krishna…

A boy and his werewolf. They’ve even started to look alike!
  • Krishna makes phone calls from the toilet!
  • His favourite food is pancakes.
  • His actual favourite food is Snicker bars wrapped in dosas. Er…
  • Krishna’s cat Rabbit was the real illustrator of Chuchu Manthu’s Jar of Toffees.
  • Krishna lives with Ammu, a werewolf pretending to be a dog.

5 things you must know about Chuchu Manthu…

The (real) Preet with her (real) Chuchu Manthu!
  • Chuchu Manthu was an actual person; he was Adithi’s uncle.
  • His name was Mr. U. Suresh Rao. (Suresh. Churech. Chuchu. Get it??)
  • He loved to sing bhajans, and always sang them out of tune.
  • On Adithi’s 5th birthday, Chuchu Manthu made her a garland strung with chewing gums.
  • Chuchu Manthu could stand on his head till he was 75 years young!
To read the full story, click on the image below!
Chuchu Manthu’s Jar of Toffees on StoryWeaver

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