Being Sheela: The Life Journey of an Immigration Lawyer

A young mother separated from her children for eight long years; a man facing deportation after being mistaken for a terrorist; a woman forced to endure domestic violence so that she can retain her right to remain in her adopted country…

These are just a few among the thousands whom Sheela Murthy – lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist – has helped overcome injustice, dispossession and legal tangles, so that they may live a life of dignity in an increasingly challenging world.

With insightful detours into her eventful growing up years, the book follows her life journey from India to America, through law school at Harvard to the inception of what went on to become one of the most successful immigration law firms in the world – The Murthy Law Firm. The book takes a look at a few out of the countless cases that Sheela and her dynamic legal team have handled over twenty-five years in the face of rapidly-changing American attitudes towards immigrants.

Being Sheela is about the human side of a successful professional, an immigrant and woman of colour, who has made it her purpose to strive for a better world.

Advance Praise for the book…

Ron Shapiro, attorney, negotiations expert, community leader and New York Times bestselling author

“Sheela Murthy has followed a path … from immigrant to immigration lawyer and compassionate advisor to those dealing with the system … Being Sheela is the story of her impact and success…”

Desh Deshpande, Life Member, MIT Corporation; serial entrepreneur; Trustee, Deshpande Foundation

“… Sheela has done so many things, that I am sure every reader with find a connection to at least some part of her life. The best of Sheela is yet to come.”

Patricia M.C. Brown, former President of Johns Hopkins Healthcare LLC and Senior VP, Johns Hopkins Medicine

“A powerful and riveting book that showcases the struggles of immigrants … Sheela’s life story, love, passion and work are all intertwined beautifully, to motivate and inspire us to do more to help our fellow human beings.”

Justice Prathibha M. Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court, India

“… Sheela’s biography is a great venture to inspire young girls who intend to choose a career in law.”

Brian A. Gallagher, President and CEO, United Way Worldwide

“Sheela Murthy’s story demonstrates what happens when a person decides to put community first…”

Deborah Anker, Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and founder of the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program

“Sheela is one of the stars in American immigration law. She has made extraordinary contributions…”

Amar Varada, Persident, ITSERVE Alliance and Prersident, Surya Systems

“Sheela Murthy has been instrumental in protecting several companies and individuals, (from) the ever-changing rules and regulations. A dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist in modern history with a strong will to stand up against injustice, we give huge credit to Sheela Murthy for the ITSERVE victory, which resulted in the USCIS issuance of the ITSERVE memo in 2020.”

Leslie Mancuso, PhD, RN, FAAN, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jhpiego

“For every door Sheela walks through, she holds it wide open for a generation of girls behind her…”

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