Interview by student @ Dikshant Global on Growing up in Pandupur, CCLF 2017 (Video)

Kids’ lit festival opens on Sept 27


by Benita Chacko

“Go to a bus stop or a boarding gate at an airport where people used tobe once buried in a book or newspaper while they waited. They can now be foundburied in their smartphones either looking at photographs, on Whatsapp, takingselfies or reading m…

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BOOKCHUMS Interview with Adithi And Chatura Rao

Post by: Sonia Safri

The launch of Growing Up In Pandupur in Mumbai gave us a chance to interact with two very versatile and creative authors – Adithi and Chatura Rao.

How did you think of writing a short story collection for kids?
Between us sisters we have three kids. And we discuss every issue our children are facing or undergoing. There are a lot more challenges you face as a parent. There are times when kids cannot really express what they feel, and this (writing stories of different themes that revolve around kids) was a way of connecting with them. 

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