Left from the Nameless Shop, my debut collection of short stories for adults, released on December 25th, 2018. To know more about the book and where it is available, click here.

The cover depicts the town’s poster painter capturing two prominent characters from the book on canvas.

A bit about myself. My student years were spent in Chennai, Bangalore, Bombay, and at Smith College, Massachusetts, USA.

After working as an assistant director on the Hindi film Satya, I joined as writer on the travel channel of Indya.com, where my editor despaired of my ever meeting a deadline. (The daily distraction was an animal shelter across the street from our office, full of tail-wagging, impossibly lovable mongrels. I must pin all blame for my tardiness on them. Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything but temptation!)

What followed was a daily soap on Eenadu TV called Bidige Chandrama. The plot had strong female protagonists whom I enjoyed writing into existence. I discovered my ability to produce large and detailed bodies of work, day-after-day, while penning this show.

Sentinels of the Temple: Taken in the village that was the inspiration behind Rudrapura

There have been a few film scripts since. Baraf was bought by Aamir Khan Productions Ltd. and Shabana by Excel Entertainment. The rest slumber in my computer, waiting for their moment to arrive. There are books and short stories as well, the latest of which is Left from the Nameless Shop.

Besides writing, I conduct workshops for children, smuggle treats to the friendly street-dogs behind the backs of the unfriendly neighbors, take long walks, and cook food that the family politely enjoys.

Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace…