Candid Tales: India on a Motorcycle

(Harper Collins, February 2020)

Off the beaten path, with Candid Tales

“This book is an astonishing odyssey … written with condour, humour, empathy and passion that is sure to inspire a whole new generation to seek adventure on two wheels.”

– Harsh Man Rai, Co-Founder, Helmet Stories

Cover design and illustrations by Ruchi Shah

Inspired from the five-month-long journey of biker Candida Louis, this book rides off the beaten path to discover eccentric and beautiful people (living and otherwise!), heart-warming cultures, and secret places in which she left her heart behind.

In an age of fictitious superheroes, Candid Tales: India on a Motorcycle introduces the younger generations to a real life heroine of rare spirit and fearless heart, to inspire and electrify them to follow their dreams!

The back cover of the book.

Interviews, Reviews and Excerpts…

A discussion about the making of “Candid Tales (Live session on Instagram)

The Times NIE interview

Forbes (Audio Interview)

Books on the Delhi Metro? Such an innovative idea!

An article on the relevance of travel that I wrote for Kindle.

Buy the book here…

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