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Follow Jon Tinweed into his fond imaginary world…

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First he’ll battle a tree nymph, then travel to the new world, and finally come face to face with the spring of truth. Why was he on a mission? Earlier in the day he’d been evicted from his shoe box of a home by a pair of kittens who thought they owned the world and had a right to sleep where he slept every night, down at the end of an alley next to an odd assortment of broken and discarded manikin parts, the one place you’d never expect to find them.

Damn those kittens!

About the author

Daniel Scott White is the editor-in-chief at Longshot Press, known for publishing short works by great authors such as Martha Wells, David Brin, Ken Liu, Daniel Wallace and Emily Devenport. He studied the music business at Columbia College in Chicago and went on to assist in the recording of a project for Bob Dylan. Along with earning an MBA degree, he worked for an international publisher focusing on children’s books and textbooks. While his expertise is in business, his passion is in writing, an author lost in the land of words.

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